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July 10th, 2004

01:20 am
oooh oooh
I post because I can!
sorry. I'm bored.

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January 24th, 2004

11:58 am
c'mon, update! we can post stuff like when ppl wanna go visit unis... errrr... or advice for potential students coming to unis. hahaha... okay fine. but I just thought that u guys wanted a place where everyone who goes to unis can join, but then I realized our friends list is basically only made up for ppl who went there so I guess it sorta defeats the purpose then. but do update anyway...
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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January 20th, 2004

08:15 pm
wow, so we have a community now... but you have to post here separately from your own account. you think anyone's gonna do that? i have my doubts.
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December 18th, 2003

08:46 pm - Welcome!
So this is the best name I could think up for a UNIS community since some idiot has already used UNIS. I was hoping that at least some of you share my sentiment. So anyway, do post here and perhaps this would turn into a livelier version of xanga. Take care.
Current Mood: listlesslistless

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